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Jurianne Matter


$16.00 CAD

Although the Circles, with their geometric prints in pastel colours and earth tint, are partly inspired by Indian motifs, they are also unmistakably 'Nordic'.

This paper ornament is easy DIY. In just a few minutes, you can turn the flat pack into your very own 3D work of art! Hang the Circles in the Christmas tree, thread them on long springtime bunting or use them to decorate gifts. With a couple of sets, you can make your own wall art by folding out the circles and affixing them flat to the wall in the arrangement of your choice.

One set of Circles contains 3 different cards each with 3 different pop-out circles (9 circles in total per set). The circles are different sizes (5-8 cm). A 60 cm-length cotton thread (eco quality) is attached to each card by a ‘dragonfly’.  

All Jurianne Matter products are made in Holland and are completely eco-friendly. The paper carries the FSC-logo, and is acid- and chlorine-free. The Vega-Fast ink is a Dutch developed printing ink based on vegetable oils. The plastic-looking bags are actually made from cornflour and are bio-degradable.

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