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From her studio in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Myrte de Zeeuw (pronounced Mair-teh), creates nature-inspired textiles, prints, wall decor, and journals. 


After a career as a fashion designer for commercial fashion brands Myrte drew her first bird, the Kingfisher, in 2008. After a trip to Canada, Myrte felt inspired by the beauty of the wilderness. When she returned to the Netherlands, she decided to take a closer look at nature that was right in her backyard. Her illustrations led her to form a brand that unites her love for textiles and nature with design and home decor. 

Design process

Myrte uses a computer tablet and pen to intricately represent the fine details of each bird and flower. Feather by feather, she colors the digitally-sketched birds. Each drawing contains thousands of strokes. For example, the image of the four long-tailed titmouses is made of 45,000 strokes and it took over three weeks to draw.

Environmental commitment

Myrte chooses to produces its products with nature in mind. The printed cotton of the pillowcases is organic cotton.

"I am very careful and continue to look for better materials that don’t harm the environment. It takes time but it is worth the effort!" says Myrte de Zeeuw."