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Jurianne Matter

Jurianne Matter is a Dutch pattern designer. Her paper and textile designs celebrate the beauty of life's simple rituals. A greeting, a birthday wish, a vase of flowers: the small things in life that create happiness.  Exquisitely patterned colours and designs that brighten the day.  

 "Nature is my muse and it never ever bores me. I see red berries, black branches, stripes in the landscape and funny structures in the moss… .everything can be translated to a colour palette, a shape or a graphic pattern."My style always turns out to be Nordic: clean, graphic but natural."

The paper crafts take just a few minutes to fold together. Before you know it, you have created something so pleasing.  The perfect gift or pick-me-up for your home. The products are eco-friendly too. The paper products use vegetable dyes and recycled paper and the textiles are certified organic, fair-trade cotton.