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Atelier Pierre

Atelier Pierre is a creative lab where young Belgian designers conceive their first range of unique living accessories.  


The noRdic collection includes a wide range of animal figures, boxes, and decorative elements. The pure design and the use of warm, sustainable materials such as wood, kraft paper, and recycled cardboard make the items from the noRdic range stand out as stylish pieces of decoration that work in every home.

The noRdic range was stunningly created and developed by the young Belgian designer, Bert Declerq. With a few strokes of his pen, he drew the contours of a moose, a deer, a rabbit, and a bear. He came up with the idea to have the animals consist of about four pieces that have been laser cut from a sheet of plywood. Putting together the figure creates a strong sense of involvement and adds a playful, hands-on dimension.